A Field Guide to Moths of Troy Meadows

A Guide to the Moths of Troy Meadows (East Hanover and Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey)

Commissioned by Wildlife Preserves, Inc.

Authorized by —    Robert Perkins, Jr. of Tenafly, New Jersey

Blaine Rothauser of BR Environmental Services, Florham Park, NJ— research, author, and photographer

Roy Levine of Valdosta, Georgia— Designer of Power Point pages

Leonardo Fariello, AKA Len Sunchild of Whippany, NJ— Editor and page design

Phil Reynolds of Byg Byte, Rockaway, NJ— Web Master– converted Power Point slides to HTML for the World Wide Web

The common name of the moth is listed on the top of each page, followed by its scientific name, its Hodges Number, its flight period, its size, host plant(s), field notes, and photograph(s). Special emphasis is placed on the ecological significance of the species especially as it relates to Troy Meadows.

(The Hodges numbering system was published in 1983—giving a number for every species known from the U. S. and Canada–at that time–that could be used by all and sundry when cataloging moths. For more on Hodge numbered species, see—bugguide.net– pbase.com/m3ling/santee1to3863– wingwatchers.com/pyralid2.html– wingwatchers.com/nocs.html)


We hope you learn from this guide and enjoy it!     Len Sunchild— Special Project Coordinator for Wildlife Preserves, Inc.