New Jersey Natural Lands Trust in cooperation with Wildlife Preserves Inc.

  1. All state conservation lands at Great Piece Meadows are currently under the management of the NJ Department of Environmental Protection- New Jersey Natural Lands Trust.
  2. New Jersey Natural Lands Trust and Wildlife Preserves Inc. co-manage and enforce regulations at the Great Piece Meadows under a Management and Use Agreement.
  3. The Great Piece Meadows Preserve is natural lands located on both sides of the Passaic River in Lincoln Park, Montville, and Fairfield Township.
  4. All passive recreational visitors are welcome during daylight hours. Bird watchers, hikers, and nature enthusiasts are welcome. During hunting season, users are advised to wear orange clothing due to possible authorized or illegal hunting activity.
  5. No camping, fires, firearms, dumping or misuse of public property is allowed.
  6. No ATVs, motorcycles, off-road vehicles or motorized vehicles are permitted.
  7. Shoreline fishing on state land along the Passaic River is permitted.
  8. Consistent with the Management and Use Agreement between NJ Natural Lands Trust and Wildlife Preserves, a “No Hunting” policy is in effect on state land at Great Piece Meadows. Two management zones have been established within the Great Piece Meadows Preserve; a Wildlife Sanctuary Zone where absolutely no hunting is permitted and a Wildlife Management Zone located in Fairfield Township, where restricted hunting activities by members of the Fairfield Sportsmen Club and residents of Fairfield Township occur. State lands in Lincoln Park and Montville are in the Wildlife Sanctuary Zone where hunting is prohibited. See Wildlife Management Map. See for more information.
  9. Currently, hunting on Fairfield Township property is coordinated through the Township of Fairfield.
  10. People are encouraged to enjoy the preserves, respect its natural resources, and report any suspicious or illegal activity to the rangers at the numbers listed below or by email to and/or

Further information about Great Piece Meadows is available through NJ Natural Lands Trust and Wildlife Preserves – by phone, email, or website.

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New Jersey Natural Lands Trust
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