Wildlife Preserves is a private, nonprofit land conservation corporation dedicated to the preservation of natural areas, open space, wildlife, and wildlife habitats for conservation, education, and research.

Its land is administered as natural areas and wildlife sanctuaries for the protection of wild animals, plants, and their habitats and open to the public for passive recreational uses such as hiking, biking, bird watching, photography, nature observation and study, with prohibitions against hunting, fishing, trapping, dumping, and off-trail motor vehicles.

Wildlife Preserves owns approximately 4,500-acres of land and manages roughly 9,500-acres in the State of New Jersey. Wildlife Preserves also owns about 160-acres of land in Westchester County, New York.

Wildlife Preserves maintains habitats in each of its sanctuaries for common, threatened, and endangered species of fauna and flora. Its land and habitat are varied, including freshwater wetland marsh, rivers, streams, ponds, mountains, hardwood forests, pine forests, coastal marsh, and shore habitat. Some of the land serves as flood storage, which also serves as an economic benefit to the public.

The lands are open to the public. Most visitors are residents of New Jersey or the greater New York region. Visitors vary from tourists and casual strollers to proficient amateur, and professional naturalists. Educational use ranges from that of students in grade school on up to graduate school; from formal educational institutions, to a variety of students from organizations and research institutions and those on their own programs, including Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

All Wildlife Preserves sanctuaries are accessible and parking is available. Some areas are roadless, but all areas are accessible by foot.