Troy Meadows is a 3,000-acre natural area located in Morris County NJ. The US Dept. of Interior once identified Troy Meadows as the highest quality, inland wetlands for wildlife in the state of New Jersey. The US National Park Service currently designates Troy Meadows as a National Natural Landmark. The US Environmental Protection Agency classifies Troy Meadows as a Priority Wetland and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection rates it as an Exceptional Resource Value Wetlands.

Troy Meadows has two main waterways that go through it—Troy Brook and the Whippany River, which are tributaries to the Passaic River which eventually leads to the ocean.

The Meadows act as a filter when garbage from the surrounding roadways float in during a rain event. When the floodwaters recede, the litter gets scattered throughout the meadows. Without this natural filter, this garbage would eventually end up in the ocean.

Troy Meadows Trash Clean-up Day is an event that the local community comes out to clean-up this debris. Aside from being unsightly, the debris poses a danger to wildlife that may ingest it. Removing this debris has untold benefits for not just local wildlife, but also marine wildlife.

Please join us on April 20th, 2019 for our third annual Troy Meadows Trash Clean-up Day and help make a positive impact on our planet’s future.